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National Apprenticeship Week Q&A: Georgina Mackereth


We’re putting some our Harrison Drury legal apprentices in the spotlight to mark National Apprenticeship Week.

Next up in our Q&A series is Georgina Mackereth. Georgina joined Harrison Drury in June 2022 and has gone on to graduate from the University of Cumbria with a Law degree. She has now become a solicitor apprentice with Harrison Drury.

What made you choose an apprenticeship?

I chose an apprenticeship because I wanted to gain practical, hands-on experience in my chosen field.

It provides me the opportunity to study alongside working with experienced professionals, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Additionally, I was drawn to the idea of earning while learning. This not only helps support my financial independence but also reinforces the idea that my education is an investment in both my present and future.

What are the advantages of taking the apprentice route?

It has allowed me to gain practical, hands-on experience, and develop a well-rounded skill set.

Working closely with my colleagues provides me with daily insight and guidance and meant that I can build relationships and a network of contacts.

My manager, Katherine Sibley has also been incredibly supportive, helping me navigate challenges and accelerate my development.

What attracted you to Harrison Drury?

The firm’s reputation and its diverse practice areas presented a unique opportunity for me to gain a well-rounded experience and contribute to a range of legal matters.

The positive work culture and commitment to professional development also made it an appealing choice.

What made you choose a career in law?

It was a decision driven by a combination of personal passion and a fascination with the legal system.

The prospect of delving into intricate legal issues and analysing various perspectives really appealed to me.

How has Harrison Drury supported you through your apprenticeship?

The inclusive and collaborative culture at Harrison Drury has created an environment that encourages asking questions and seeking assistance.

The team’s willingness to share expertise and provide constructive feedback has been invaluable in my learning process. I feel supported in tackling new challenges and expanding my skill set, fostering a sense of confidence in my role.

What do you enjoy most about working at Harrison Drury?

I enjoy the dynamic and collaborative work environment. The firm’s commitment to excellence and its emphasis on teamwork creating a positive atmosphere that makes every day enjoyable.

The firm provides many opportunities for training, workshops, and professional development. Its strong sense of community and shared values creates a positive and motivating workplace.

Its dedication to client satisfaction and ethical practices aligns with my own values.

What has been the most important lesson you have learnt at Harrison Drury?

The most important lesson I have learnt is the significance of adaptability and resilience in the legal sector.

Working in an ever-changing field, I’ve come to appreciate the value of being adaptable to new situations and challenges.

How do you manage your time between learning and client work?

Effectively managing time between learning and client work is crucial when becoming an apprentice.

I have implemented a strategic approach to ensure a balance between continuous learning and delivering high-quality client work, which involves planning, time blocking and utilising downtime.

What common challenges do you face day-to-day and how do you overcome them?

Striking a balance between learning and client commitments. I always allocate time for learning, using breaks and downtime effectively – I also set clear goals and periodically revisit my weekly priorities.

Balancing a demanding workload with personal life can be a persistent challenge. But I prioritise self-care and set boundaries to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

What would your advice be to someone considering an apprenticeship?

Choose an apprenticeship that aligns with your interests and long-term career goals. Look for opportunities that allow you to explore your passion and develop skills that are relevant to your chosen field. Be open to learning, ask questions, and seek opportunities to expand your knowledge.

Take advantage of the opportunity to build a professional network. Connect with colleagues, mentors, and other apprentices. Networking can provide valuable insights, open doors for future opportunities, and offer support as you navigate your apprenticeship.

Interested in finding out more about becoming a legal apprentice? Our apprenticeships page has more details about the opportunities at Harrison Drury.

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