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Divorce and family law solicitors.

Facing a separation or divorce can be overwhelming, complex and emotional, so having the right legal support in place is crucial to prepare you for the next stage of your life.

Harrison Drury’s team of divorce and family solicitors has built up an excellent reputation having successfully represented clients across Lancashire and Cumbria.

Our experts have decades of experience guiding clients through all aspects of separation from the family home, finances and business assets, through to children and access rights.

In particular, our divorce and family lawyers have a strong track record of success in cases that involve high net worth individuals with complex asset structures, such as business owners, sports people and professionals.

From the outset, we are transparent on pricing and encourage out of court agreements to come to amicable settlements that suit all parties.


Children's Issues

Making important decisions about your children's future while coping with the stress of a separation is always tough.

Cohabitation Agreements & Disputes

Many couples live together - or cohabit - without formalising their relationship through marriage or a civil partnership.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is an alternative to the traditional negotiation processes by letter, email or court proceedings.


We provide expert legal advice to help you find a way forward from a divorce that is least upsetting and most cost-effective.


Mediation provides an opportunity for people to make their own decisions without going to court and limits the use of solicitors.


Pre-nuptial agreements (pre-nups) set out a couple's financial arrangements before they get married or enter a civil partnership.

Property and Financial Issues

Reaching a financial settlement that is acceptable to both sides can be difficult, complicated and expensive.

Am I legally a father? An update in the field of fertility treatment

Am I legally a father? An update in the field of fertility treatment

May 21st, 2018

Last year Harrison Drury explored an IVF case where a paperwork error meant a father had not been legally recognised. Olivia Bailey, trainee solicitor in the family department at Harrison Drury examines an update in the field of fertility treatment and legal parentage. Following on from our blog last year about a case where a […]

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Am I actually divorce?

Defective divorce petitions – Am I actually divorced?

Apr 27th, 2018

It’s been announced that a number of divorce petitions may be defective meaning people may not be officially divorced. Olivia Bailey, trainee solicitor in the family department of Harrison Drury, looks at what has happened and the impact this could have. President of the family division, Sir James Munby has confirmed that several divorces have […]

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Changing my name after a divorce

Changing my name after a divorce

Apr 16th, 2018

Many people change their surname to match that of their partner when they enter a marriage or civil partnership. But how easy is it to change back? Olivia Bailey, trainee solicitor in the family department of Harrison Drury looks at the process. Can I change my name? It’s possible to change your forename or surname, […]

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Why must my financial settlement be recorded

Why must my financial settlement be recorded?

Mar 29th, 2018

Reaching an amicable financial settlement with your former spouse has many benefits. However, it is important to remember that these agreements still need to be recorded with the court. We often meet clients in circumstances where they have been divorced for many years, but their financial agreement was not recorded with the court. This means […]

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Marriage annulment - couple sat opposite each other with official document and rings between them

What is an annulment?  

Mar 9th, 2018

Some people who choose to annul their marriage rather than get a divorce. Rebecca Patience, family law solicitor at Harrison Drury looks at what annulment is and how you can apply for one. You can seek an annulment as an alternative to a divorce in certain circumstances. A marriage can be annulled at any time […]

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Court ruling - gavel being hit

‘New age traveller turned eco-millionaire’ case highlights importance of financial consent order

Feb 28th, 2018

Divorce can be a complicated process, so it’s no surprise that people don’t know they need to arrange a financial consent order at the end of the proceedings, especially if they haven’t sought legal advice. The case of Vince v Wyatt acts as a timely reminder to divorcing couples to consider early settlement options and […]

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Divorce: removing wedding ring

Five things you didn’t know about divorce…

Feb 14th, 2018

There are often things that crop up during divorce that you might be unaware of. The family law team at Harrison Drury solicitors look at five things you possibly don’t know about divorce.   1) In the courts in England and Wales you cannot be divorced on the basis of ‘irreconcilable differences’. There are five […]

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Parent and unhappy child

We’re separating, what happens if we can’t agree arrangements for our children?

Feb 2nd, 2018

Q: My partner and I are separating, we have two children, age 7 and 5. We can’t agree when they should spend time with each of us, what should we do?  A: Initially, you should make every effort to agree arrangements between yourselves. This can either be done in discussions between you, or negotiations between […]

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What is the ‘common law marriage’ myth?

Jan 8th, 2018

It’s been revealed that two thirds of cohabiting couples don’t know how their protection differs from married couples or civil partners. Rachel Taylor explores the myth that is common law marriage.  Cohabiting couples are often referred to as common law spouses; however, this does not accurately reflect their legal position. Unlike married couples and civil […]

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Business man discussing his legal proceedings with his lawyer

I had assets before we met, are these included in our divorce settlement?

Dec 6th, 2017

A case heard by the Court of Appeal has left the law relating to financial disputes following divorce in a state of uncertainty. Rebecca Patience explores how the outcome of this case could impact the division of assets. What happened in the case? The case of Hart v Hart [2017] EWCA Civ 1306 involved high […]

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