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    HR Compass

    Employer Protection Scheme

    People are your business’ most valuable asset. Supported and developed correctly they can be a vital part in developing a thriving business.

    Our range of HR and People Management services allow you to take a proactive approach to every aspect of employee relations, meaning you can get on with doing more of what you do best.

    Retained Employment & HR Services

    With ever changing employment legislation it has never been more important for employers to obtain prompt and accurate advice.

    Our expert team of Employment Solicitors and HR Advisers get to know your business and provide a responsive and pragmatic service focused on achieving successful commercial outcomes.

    How we can help you

    Our experienced HR advisers and employment lawyers can not only help
    you to avoid some of the common pitfalls of recruitment, we can also
    work with you to improve your recruitment procedures and policies.

    Once you have the right people in place, we can assist in managing your
    relationship with them. In the unfortunate situation where issues arise,
    we can help you to resolve and manage these issues effectively.

    Making redundancies is something we all hope we’ll never have to do
    but is often a reality of business life. Our team helps you to get it right,
    from communicating with staff and stakeholders, to having those difficult
    conversations with individual team members. We can help you reduce the
    risk of subsequent employment claims.

    We can help you to take all reasonable steps to reduce the risk of
    employment claims occurring in the first place. If claims do arise, we can
    defend you and your business thoroughly and help you to navigate your
    way to a positive outcome.

    We can help your business to protect its ideas, services and customer
    relationships from potential competition by existing and former staff
    members. Our priority is on prevention by ensuring that you have
    comprehensive and clearly-worded contracts in place but, equally, we
    provide a robust legal response to help you fight your corner when the
    need arises.

    How fixed fee employer protection scheme works

    All services are carried out by regulated and qualified solicitors who will be known to you by name. It comprises three core components that have been designed to offer seamless financial and business continuity protection:

    1. The Audit (health check)

    Your current employment contracts and policies will be reviewed so we can get to know your business and establish how to bring you up to date to achieve compliance within the law. New documents will be prepared where necessary.

    Updates to your documents will be provided when there are future changes in legislation.

    2. Expert Advice (ongoing support and dialogue)

    Direct access to unlimited advice by a specialist employment law solicitor, who knows your business and understands your specific needs. You are given clear and practical advice which is in the best interest of your business. You will also receive regular email updates on employment law issues and free seminars during the year.

    3. Insurance Policy (financial security)

    Additional peace of mind is provided by this bespoke policy which fits seamlessly with our audit and expert advice services. We are fully authorised to handle employment claims brought against you. The policy pays the legal costs, covers settlements and any compensation awards made against your business. This radically minimises your exposure to unexpected financial loss, and caps all your employment law and HR costs. In real terms this will often result in huge cost savings.

    Full details of the cover is available upon request.

    How our scheme is unique

    Our scheme is operated by dedicated professionals who understand the specific needs of your business. We are not a call centre.

    • If necessary we will attend your premises
    • We deliver hands on, practical solutions to problems, and advise how to avoid future claims
    • We enable you to budget and cap all your employment law costs
    • We seamlessly handle claims in your best interest through special arrangements with insurers.

    Saving you time and money over the long term is not the only benefit:

    • Financial certainty
    • You can set a fixed budget for employment law costs, knowing there will be no unexpected payouts
    • Spread the cost of HR Compass by instalments through a monthly payment facility.
    • Flexible and suitable
    • You decide on the best price and insurance cover options to suit your needs as the package is tailored around your exact requirements.
    • Face to face
    • No call centres or restrictive, confusing advice. You can be fully confident when dealing with staffing issues because a dedicated solicitor is just a phone call away.
    • Cash flow friendly -Spread the cost of special projects across the length of your retainer.
    • Regulated expert advice

    We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and must act in the best interests of our clients. Tackle employment conflicts before they arise and receive clear advice on the consequences of business decisions relating to your employees.


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