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Wayleaves, telecommunications and utility agreements

Enabling utilities and communication services to businesses and the general public usually requires agreement with landowners for the grant of rights for the installation service media such as solar panels, masts, pylons, cables, pipes and substations.

The service providers often have the benefit of legislation to support their undertaking which can cause serious problems for land owners when trying to maximise income from their sites and impact upon the value of their assets.

The law in this area is complex and we advise landowners and landlords on the form of agreements with the service providers, the practical implications of entering into such an agreement and the effect of the statutory powers and protections which often are not documented in the agreements.

Although landowners cannot avoid the service provider’s statutory powers, we ensure that the terms and agreement are properly negotiated and well drafted so as to provide the protection, rights and a deal that suits them.


Our team can help you with:

  • Negotiating heads of terms for new sites and renewals
  • Negotiating the terms of the consents, agreements and leases
  • Advise on the undertakers statutory rights
  • Dealing with applications to assign or share the benefit of the undertaker’s interest and to make equipment upgrades
  • Reserving and initiating rights to move the equipment and service media
  • Terminating agreements and securing vacant possession
  • Enforcing the service provider’s obligations under the agreement
  • Dilapidations and compensation for damage and loss suffered by the landowners

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