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Charity Property

You need legal advisers who will guide you through compliance with your obligations in respect of any transaction you intend to undertake; whether that is your intention to relocate either by way of lease or sale and acquisition, purchasing an investment property, borrowing money secured against your assets; developing or partnering with a developer to develop chartable property.

We advise on a wide range of real estate projects for charities including:

  • Restructuring ownership including retirement, appointment and replacement of trustees and officers
  • Historic trusts, rules and title issues
  • Buying and selling charity property
  • Lettings and portfolio management
  • Residential and commercial development
  • Mortgages, property finance and secured lending
  • Property disputes and litigation

Having the power and permission to deal with the property through your governing document and in law, ensuring that the transaction is in the best interests of the charity, complying with legislation to get the best deal and documenting of all of this is paramount.  We have and an in-depth knowledge of charity law and the sector and apply this, along with our commercial expertise, to the transaction to ensure that our clients are carefully guided through the process including obtaining Charity Commission consent, if required.  We also have access to other specialist contacts such as surveyors, valuers and tax advisers that you may require.

All transactions involving charity property need careful planning and can often take some time so seeking our advice early is vital to ensure that you get it right and minimise delays in meeting the compliance requirements.


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