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What the service entails

Legal hotline

A single point of access for all your legal queries and a discussion with an expert in the relevant area by the next business day, followed up with an e-mail summarising the issues discussed and our advice.

Your Benefit… Reassurance that you can pick up the phone or email us at anytime of the day and we will deliver specific, professional, legal advice at no additional cost.

On the clock…* One query could easily require 30 minutes on the telephone followed up by a further 30 minutes considering the legal issues involved and drafting and sending of a confirmatory e-mail resulting in a potential total time charge of £201 plus VAT.

Preliminary meetings

The opportunity to sit down with us and discuss the legal implications of a potential project or issue that affects your business

Your Benefit… Gives you the opportunity of thoroughly exploring the legal implications of any deal, dispute or other matter that may be affecting your business.

On the clock…* A two hour meeting at your premises may also include travelling and preparation time of one and a half hours, followed by a summary note of the advice by e-mail after the meeting taking a further 30 minutes, resulting in a potential total time charge of £804 plus VAT.

HR Compass

A full review of all your employment contracts and policies along with unlimited access for advice on all HR issues. Option to insure against any employment claims which covers the legal cost of the case and any compensation payable.

Your Benefit… Ensure that your business is fully compliant with the growing burden of HR law and regulation. You will get expert advice from someone who knows your business with a flexible solution that can fix your HR spend for the entire year.

On the clock…* The HR review and report on your current procedures will take at least three hours, resulting in a potential time charge of £603 plus VAT.

Dispute evaluation

A comprehensive written report relating to any substantive commercial dispute setting out the merits, costs and possible outcomes.

Your Benefit… Complete piece of mind that we are there to assist with unforeseen legal issues that may arise throughout the year. The report allows you to make properly informed decisions at an early stage, achieving significant savings in time and legal costs.

On the clock…* We currently charge £500 plus VAT for each dispute evaluation report.

Legal audit

An annual legal audit which assesses your business structures, procedures and contracts covering:

  • Terms and conditions of trading
  •  Ownership and management agreements
  • Legal expenses insurance cover

Your Benefit… This service will help identify potential legal and financial risks before they happen, dramatically reducing future legal fees.

On the clock…* The legal audit and report on your current structures, procedures and contracts will take at least 5 hours resulting in a potential time charge of £1,005 plus VAT.

Credit control

  • Monitoring of up to 25 customers
  • Unlimited first debt letters to your aged debtors

Your Benefit… Comfort that your legal advisor is keeping an eye on those who owe money to your business. A very valuable service, particularly in the current economic climate.

On the clock…* In order to send a debt letter it takes around 30 minutes to obtain the relevant information about the debt and a further 15 minutes to draft check and send the letter, resulting in a potential time charge of just over £150 plus VAT.

Loyalty discount

A 10% discount on HD’s fees for any legal work undertaken for you on a specific project.

Your Benefit… Further financial reward for your loyalty to our practice.

Business intelligence

Free regular legal updates and e-newsletters.

Your Benefit… We will keep you abreast of key events and issues that may directly impact upon your business.

Quarterly reporting

Quarterly legal update report for your business.

Your Benefit… A transparent overview of what we have done and what we are planning to do in the coming quarter.

Will reviews

As an additional service we will offer a free Will review to all directors and owners of the business.

Your Benefit… To help you look after those individuals who are integral to the business.

Your Benefit… Each will review and recommendation on updating Will take around one hour with a time charge of £201 plus VAT.


Manage your privacy

How we handle your personal data

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives you more control over how companies like ours use your personal information and makes it quicker and easier for you to check and update the information we hold about you.

As part of our service to you, we will continue to collect, use, store and share your data safely and securely. This doesn’t require any action on your part.

For more detailed information view our Privacy Hub