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Register a Trade mark

Protecting your Brand

When you register a trade mark it provides a level of protection against those who may seek to use your mark without permission and can deter others from using it. Our expert team of trade mark solicitors can help you to decide what level of protection you need and can help pursue those who use your mark without permission.

Why do you need to apply for a trade mark?

A trade mark is a fundamental asset to any business. It provides a badge of origin that you can attach to your products and services, identifying your business as the owner of the brand that customers are buying into.

As one of the few registrable intellectual property rights, trade marks protect businesses from those wishing to copy your brands or ride on the back of your success.

We know that you will have spent a great deal of time and resources building your brand, and trade marks are there to ensure that this effort does not go unrecognised.

Why use Harrison Drury to apply for a trade mark?

Our trade mark team has years of experience in dealing with both UK and EU trade mark applications, and are ready to start work on yours.

We appreciate that your time is best spent developing your brand, so we take the strain of making the application and liaising with IP officials from your hands.

Harrison Drury is so confident in the power of trade marks, that we have trade marked our own name and slogan ( Now, let us help you in protecting your business.

How long does it take to apply for a trade mark?

The timeframe for a trade mark application varies depending on whether you are seeking UK or EU protection. From the point of application, unopposed UK applications can take 3 – 4 months to be registered, whilst EU applications can take 5-6 months.

It is important to seek advice in relation to your application as early as possible in order to minimise any delays in obtaining protection.

Basic Registration (UK Trade marks Only)

Who is this service for?

This service is ideal for those who are;

  1. seeking a low cost, efficient service for registering a trade mark; and
  2. only seeking trade mark protection within the UK.

What is included in this package?

  1. Trade mark registration (as uploaded via the below form) within the UK;
  2. Registration for up to 2 classes; and
  3. No additional research will be conducted into the availability of the trade mark prior to registration as part of this service.

What does this package cost?

The cost of this service is £450 plus VAT and disbursements.

Any further classes are charged at £50 per class.

Comprehensive Registration Service (UK and EU Trade marks)

Who is this service for?

This service is designed for those who;

  1. Would prefer to receive a comprehensive report and clear advice on the prospects of success when registering a trade mark; and
  2. are interested in registration of trade marks in either the UK or the EU, or both.

What is included in this package?

  1. Comprehensive report and clear guidance on the chances of a successful of registration;
  2. option to continue and register your trade marks (UK and EU) following the above advice;
  3. searches of existing UK and EU trade marks, including alternative spelling of the trade mark; and
  4. searches of unregistered trading brands.

What does this package cost?

Comprehensive report and guidance: £450 plus VAT

If you wish to proceed with registration an additional cost of £350 (1 class only) will apply. Each additional classes will incur a £50 charge.

Note: Any work regarding opposition to a trade mark application may incur additional costs.


IPO fees

In addition to our fees, the IPO currently charges the following fees


UK Trade Marks

£200 for two classes,

£50 per extra class.


EU Trade Marks

€850 1 class,

£150 for an extra class and £50 for per extra classes thereafter

Register a Trade mark

To begin your process with Harrison Drury simply submit the form below. A member of our team will contact you to discuss your next steps.

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