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Environment & Recycling

Environmental and Recycling Solicitors

Creating a sustainable environment is now vitally important to the people and businesses of the U.K. Three key industries are driving the process:


Huge amounts of waste are generated every day. Recycling helps us convert this waste into reusable objects and prevents us throwing away potentially useful materials. Recycling also reduces the consumption of raw materials (e.g. glass, paper, metal and plastic), energy usage and air pollution and water pollution.

Waste management

Businesses of every size and within every sector need to decide how best to dispose of and, preferably, recycle the waste they produce. They need to find a service that uses the right tools – particularly when hazardous material are involved – so that they do not harm our environment in any way.

Water treatment

Water is valuable. It’s required for drinking, industry, irrigation, river flow maintenance and recreation so it’s essential water is returned to the environment free of contaminants after use so it’s ready to use again.

However, if these businesses are going to provide the services we need in order to achieve a sustainable environment, they need to be able to continue to trade and to grow. Safe trading and growth requires high quality, specialist legal support.

Harrison Drury’s environmental lawyers have acted for a growing number of Lancashire’s recycling, waste management and water treatment experts within this sector for many years. 

The reason Lancashire’s recycling, waste management and water treatment businesses come to Harrison Drury is the expertise of our team of recycling, waste management and water treatment lawyers. Our experienced environmental lawyers understand the challenges and opportunities that recycling, waste management and water treatment businesses face under increasingly stringent controls.

Our services

We offer a full range of services within this sector, with particular strength in litigation, contract law, employment law and land and property issues.

Harrison Drury are also hugely experienced in defending the regulatory prosecutions that often arise in this sector through breaches of waste management regulations, for example the disposal of hazardous waste. Our experience includes expansive knowledge and experience in defending prosecutions by both the Health and Safety Executive and the Environment Agency.

We make it possible for our clients to run their businesses knowing they have expert legal knowledge at their disposal.

On top of our sector knowledge, we also benefit from invaluable local knowledge of the Lancashire and South Lakes regions and from excellent links to other local professionals. When you combine this with our knowledge of and experience in this sector it ensures our clients always receive the best possible legal advice whether they are involved in recycling, waste management or water treatment.

The services we provide for recycling, waste management and water treatment businesses include:

  • Drafting and negotiating commercial contracts
  • Preventing and overcoming disputes involving recycling, waste management or water treatment
  • Risk assessment and compliance with health and safety law
  • Risk assessment and compliance with hazardous waste regulations
  • Defending Health and Safety Executive prosecutions
  • Defending Environment Agency prosecutions
  • Land and commercial property issues
  • Protecting intellectual property for new technologies and processes
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Employment law

If you require any help or legal advice with any of the environmental issues outlined on this page, get in touch with our team of environmental lawyers today. We have solicitors based in Lancaster, Kendal, Garstang, Clitheroe and at our head office in Preston which can be contacted on 01772 258321.


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